The luring red color of this red wine vinegar comes from the best Dalmatian wines, whose sharp taste and sourish wine aroma delight with every drop.


1 and 5 litre bottle

Expires in

2 years


6% acetic acid


Use it in dressings for fresh salads, for the preparation of marinades, and for the preparation of game meat


Through history, vinegar was a well-known drink. The Roman legionnaires used to drink it to gain strength and protect themselves from various diseases, and on the Mediterranean it was mixed with vegetable oils, consumed on its own or with bread. In Croatia, farm hands used to mix it with drinking water in order to protect their health. It was often used in folk medicine because it is a rare food that abounds in ingredients with a healing effect on the human organism. It is irreplaceable in the consumption of food because it contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids, which all have a key role in healthy nutrition.

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